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Come check us out. We would love to meet you!

Come check us out. We would love to meet you!

Come check us out. We would love to meet you! Come check us out. We would love to meet you!

Openings Call (916) 824-2716

Receptionist Needed


Position  is filled 


Stylist Station Rental


Stylists Needed

Part-Time   (Hourly + Commissions ) 

You will always know your Days off and the Days you work.  We help you build your client base. 

Text (530) 545-2802  if interested 

We have 2 station available for rent or commission  Full-time or Part-time. 

Full time rent - $600 monthly

Part time rent - $300 monthly 

Daily rate is Negotiable

Rental can be short term or long term.

Manicurist Station Rental


Extremely busy -  Manicurist is  needed.

Part-time  3 to 4 days a week

 (Hourly Pay or commissions)  

(Can work into full time) 

Text (530) 545-2802  if interested

Facial / Waxing Room


Position is filled 




 -Free WiFi

-Beverages for Clientele
-Back Bar Supplies
-Personal Key
-Towel Service
-Personal Storage Cabinets 


- on going Education Classes 

Commission VS. Booth Rental


 What Is A Booth Rental Stylist Job?

A salon that offers booth rental is similar in nature to an office  building. While someone owns the building, they rent out space to  individual companies. As the stylist, you will rent a booth or a chair  from an existing salon, and pay rent on that space.

There are several pros for this type of employment. You can set your own  hours and rates, making it easier to fit work into an active and busy  lifestyle. You are also your own boss and make the rules for your  business.

There are also drawbacks to booth rental salons. When working in a booth  rental situation, you are responsible for the upkeep of your own  business. You will not have the training, marketing, support and  benefits of working for an employer.

What Is A Commission-Based Stylist Job?

A commission-based stylist job is more of a career path than anything  else. Under this structure you'll work for a salon. You will be  scheduled to work the way you would in any other career, on certain days  and certain times. You will be paid a set salary, along with commission  in this setting.

The pros of this setup are simple to see. Not only will you avoid  dealing with marketing, product purchasing for retail sales, growing a  clientele by yourself and other pitfalls of running your own business,  but you'll have the help and knowledge of the entire salon behind you.  Some salons also help provide advanced training to their stylists and  will increase stylists’ prices the more education they have.

The cons of this model are few and far between, but they do exist. If  you are looking to be your own boss, make your own hours, and charge the  prices you wish to charge, a commission-based salon may not be a good  fit for you.

Figuring out whether commission-based salons or a booth-rental salon is  the right choice for your career will largely depend on your  circumstances, lifestyle and career goals. Many find the benefits and  support of a commission-based salon to be the best fit for their budding  careers, but everyone is different.